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Customer documents and information

An updated set of mooring conditions have been prepared. Please take the time to read them through and come and have a chat if you have any questions.

Click here for the mooring conditions


In addition to the formal mooring conditions, I thought it would be useful to give some guidance, in no particular order:

  • When you are working on your boat, make sure that you clean up after yourself and this includes the boat next door - yes, I know it was dirty before you started but this is your opportunity to help make it better so leave it cleaner than before you started
  • When you've finished your days work, clear up all your stuff and put it back on your boat - do it today because we all know that tomorrow never comes
  • Keep the area next to your boat clean, clear from weeds and somewhere you're happy to be
  • Power tools can only be operated between 0800 - 1800 Monday to Friday and 0800 - 1300 on Saturday. Power tools include generators. Power tools include that little job that will only take you 5 minutes

  • When you wander around the boatyard and see all that useful stuff just laying there, remember that you already know that it isn't yours so just leave it there and don't try to "re-purpose" it
  • Your boat is where you store your stuff - it doesn't include the bankside, the pontoon, that bit round the back, the corner of the shed or anywhere else - if you want more storage, come and see us and we can supply it at the going rate
  • No, it's not your pontoon. Other people need clear access all the way down it.
  • If you have to ask what the difference is between your pile of tat on the bankside and those nicely laid out pots and planters with flowers and herbs in them then you need to have a serious chat with yourself

  • When you put a chair outside anywhere that isn't your boat, you have put it in a public place - expect anyone and everyone to come along and sit in it
  • If you are sat in a public place, expect anyone and everyone to come and join you - have a chat, enjoy their company
  • Barbeques are allowed in the area by the pond - and nowhere else - and there is also a gas BBQ there for your use, gas supplied by us - you can clean it afterwards even if everyone else "forgot"

  • Remember that boaters are just as likely to suffer from the same human conditions as the rest of the population - check on your neighbours, ask about them, make sure that they are OK
  • If you are suffering, the office door is open for a reason so walk in, sit down and the least you'll get from us is time and a cuppa - you are not alone in this yard and you never will be

  • Parking will always be a problem in this yard so ask yourself if you have parked is a way that helps everyone else - then ask yourself the same question again, just to be sure
  • Always leave space for our neighbours
  • We don't provide free storage for motorhomes, living vans, caravans, cars you never use, 3rd, 4th and 5th cars.  This is storage and we can provide this at the going rate if you come and see us.
  • Yes, I know it's a public road.  No, it doesn't mean that you can store these vehicles in the lane - it's a boatyard rule, it's not negotiable and it's up to you to show respect to us, other boaters and our neighbours

  • Pets are golden companions and you will love your pet like no other.  Sometimes your pet annoys even you, the person that loves them the most - imagine how much it annoys everyone else so stop them doing it
  • When you are about to ask a question that starts with "Can I just...........?", "It's only..................?" or "Those people over there are doing...............?", then stop!  Don't ask the question!  Because, deep down, you already know you shouldn't